Too Fighters

The best Foo Fighters Tribute Band
In the World!

About Too Fighters

Arguably, the Foo Fighters are the best band in the world. A live performance by the Foo Fighters is life changing. Too Fighters are Chicago’s answer making that experience available to everyone. It is our missision to pack twenty years worth of Foo into one set, the best songs, moments, antics, history, stories and fun as only the Foos can deliver. The Too Fighters are not five guys playing Foo Fighters songs, but five students of the Foos serious about delivering the most faithful, honest recreation of the Foo Fighters experience, down to the last detail–sights, sound, energy and integrity. Like the Foo Fighters, we believe in being faithful to the art and our craft. We don’t rely on tricks, shortcuts, gimmicks, computers or recordings--no samples, backing tracks or other crutches. Just five guys with guitars and drums playing the way it was meant to be played.

Why do we do it?

We are five seasoned musicians, veterans of the local music scene, who were becoming increasingly unfulfilled and dissatisfied with local bands and music. Music was becoming heavy, dark, scerious and empty. So we set out to find and bring back what was missing: FUN!!! After searched inside out out for the missing ingredient we found it in The Foo Fighters.

The Foos embodied everything we were starving for. They are unique, unconventional, uncompromising and have a blast doing it. Their fans are a direct reflection of those values and attitues. We wanted to get in front of the best crowds, the best fans in the world. Those are Foo Fighters fans.

It has taken us over five years of hard work to deliver a show that is pure, raw, honest and one hundred percent Foo. When you see a Too Fighters show you will leave equal parts exhilerated and exhausted.

Too Fighter Videos

You can watch 5 years of Too Fighters video on YouTube.


Contact Too Fighters

For booking information, feel free to contact Double D Booking or message us on Facebook!